Copying Art is not creating Art. BLUE RIBBON ART ACADEMY believes art and art-making are formed through original thought and the ability of an artist to express their unique vision of the world. While it is important to increase artistic skill and technique, it is just as important to develop the ability to artistically express the perception of the world. The way that an artist uses imagination to express their ideas is the foundation for creating meaningful art and this is why at BLUE RIBBON ART ACADEMY imagination and creativity comes first. 
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提高艺术技巧和技巧固然重要, 但培养艺术表达、个人图示语言的能力能力才是关键。艺术家运用想象力来表达自己思想的方式是创造「有意义」艺术的基础,也是加州蓝带美术学院坚持想象力和创造力为首要原因。