Blue Ribbon Art Academy Statement



Contemporary society has progressed as new ideas and ways of viewing the world have developed and altered the ways we live our everyday lives. The same is true of art. No longer does art need to be a window that shows the exact realism of everyday objects but rather now the purpose of art is to convey deeper connections to what it means to be human. Art is the expression of how we live and experience our lives and artworks are the reflections of our interactions, feelings, and interpretations of the world around us. In order for students to develop original and creative works of art, they must first develop the ability to find and convey their own connections with the world around them. These connections are their artistic voice, and with it comes the ability to Create, Produce, Respond/Analyze, and Connect works of art that are not only conceptually aesthetic but also have deeper and richer reasoning and meaning. It is our main educational objective to create student artists that are able to develop works of art that express their own unique view of the world. 


Art is the basis for all learning, as creative thinking is equal to critical thinking, so it is our goal at BLUE RIBBON ART ACADEMY to enable and increase student's ability to be creative, imaginative and to have independent thought.
In order for us to develop and enhance their artistic skills and techniques, first, we must develop and enhance their creative thought process so that they are able to conceptualize and generate their own original works of art. Developing a creative thought process is the foundation for any artist's ability to create art and is therefore the core of what is taught to students at BLUE RIBBON ART ACADEMY.